Underfloor heating is the most economic and efficient way of heating your home. You can save up to 40% of your heating costs with Home Comfort underfloor heating, the easy and safe way to remain warm in winter.

Home Comfort installs Danfoss (Europe’s number one name in underfloor heating) heating mats and cables to ensure your entire home remains at a comfortable temperature without any fuss, open flames or exposed heating elements.

Because of optimal heat distribution and retention Danfoss is also up to 40% more energy efficient than other heating technologies, making Home Comfort the natural choice for quality living in your home.

Our advanced wireless thermostat control ensures maximum comfort while reducing the energy usage to the lowest possible level.

    • Better comfort– uniform warmth with no hot or cold spots.
    • Safer – no open flames, smoke, exposed elements or wires.
    • Healthier – does not dry air or circulate dust or mites.
    • More convenient – intelligent, programmable thermostat.
    • More affordable – you can save up to 40% on electricity.
    • Maintenance free – will last as long as your house.
    • Easy installation – new or existing floors.
    • An investment – adds to the value of your property.

The Home Comfort underfloor heating system has been scientifically designed to provide optimal luxury and comfort, making your home safe, warm and welcoming.

Thanks to the optimal thermal positioning in the floor and a precise temperature control system, we provide efficient room heating within any environment: be it at home in the bathroom or living room, at the office or any place else that requires comfortable warmth

Suitable for any floor type
Home Comfort underfloor heating can be installed under any kind of flooring material

  • Carpet
  • Tile
  • Wood
  • Concrete

The electronic thermostats can be locked to never exceed a certain floor temperature – an important feature for certain types of wooden flooring where the manufacturer’s specified maximum temperature may not be exceeded.

Conventional heaters vs. underfloor heating

Conventional heaters use a lot of energy to superheat the air – only to send it straight to the ceiling where it cools down before descending as a cool draught around your feet. The convection effect also creates uncomfortable hot and cold spots in the room and circulates dust and mites, potentially affecting asthma sufferers.

Underfloor heating gently radiates heat from across the entire floor surface. Warm air rises slowly and creates a uniform room climate with the air slightly warmer at foot level than at head height. Because of optimal thermal positioning and better overall heat retention, comfort levels are reached at lower energy consumption rates – resulting in electricity savings of up to 40%.

Intelligent, programmable thermostats
While most other thermostats only switch the heat on and off, Home Comfort thermostats allow you to set different preferred temperatures for different times of the day. The system is equipped with temperature sensors in the floor, and higher up in the room. You just “set and forget” and the intelligent timer/thermostat will automatically maintain your selected comfort levels at all times, irrespective of the outside temperature.


Home Comfort underfloor heating has the following features:
  • Danfoss – 60-year European market leader.
  • 10-year warranty – mats and cables.
  • Compliance – IEC, ISO 9001 and 14001.

  • Suitability – any floor type.